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The Best Anime Where The MC is Op But Acts Weak

In anime, the protagonist is often the hero of the story. They are usually the most powerful character in the story, and they have a lot of abilities.

It is common for a main character to be overpowered and have a lot of hidden power. This does not mean that they always act weak or that they are not good at what they do.

But sometimes an overpowered main character can create problems for the story because they make it difficult for other characters to contribute to the story arc or move forward with their own goals in a natural way.

Anime Ranker Always brings us a great list of animes to watch, let’s check the best anime where the mc is op but acts weak

One Piece and One Punch Man are some of the most popular anime where the protagonist is an OP but he pretends to be weak. These anime are known for their endearing characters who manage to transform into legendary heroes.

There are so many anime where the protagonist hides his power and pretends to be weak in order to not draw attention from his enemies. This allows them to plan ahead and come up with a better strategy in order to win, Or simply live a life out of trouble.

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