What is The Net worth of Nike as of 2022

Nike is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and markets footwear, apparel and equipment for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.

Nike is a well-known company throughout the world, specializing in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and global sales of shoes, clothes, equipment, and accessories. it was opened in 1964 in partnership with Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

As of 2022, the net worth of Nike is Huge and according to Forbes it’s about $197.96 Billion.

Let’s learn more about Nike’s history, products, and its net worth last update in 2022

Founders:Phil Knight & Bill Bowerman
Founded:January 25, 1964 (58 years ago)
Industry:Apparel, Accessories & Sports equipment
Net Worth:$197.96 Billion
Last Updated:March 2022

Company History

The company was founded on January 25, 1964, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Beaverton, Oregon, and named Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). The company’s slogan is “Just do it”.


BRS achieved good results from its first year, selling over 1,300 pairs of Japanese running shoes for a total of $ 8,000, and in the following year, the sales reached $ 20,000.

The company decided to open its first retail store on 3107 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica, California in 1966.

Due to increased sales, BRS expanded its retail and distribution operations on the East Coast, in Wellesley, in 1967.

In 1971, the relationship between BRS and Onitsuka Tiger ended, the brand was changed to “Nike”, and the newly designed Swoosh would carry Caroline Davidson. And it was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 22, 1974.

net worth of nike

The company has continued to succeed in the present day to become the largest supplier of sports shoes and clothes and a major manufacturer of sports equipment in the world.

All this led to an increase in the net worth of the company, as the value of Nike reached 19 billion dollars in 2014, and continued to rise, reaching 29.6 billion dollars in 2017, and then 36.39 billion dollars in 2018.

In the same year, it got ranked 89th on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US companies by total revenue.

As for the year 2022, the company achieved great success, bringing Nike’s net worth to $197.96 Billion, and it employed more than 75,400 people around the world.

Internationally, it sells its products in more than 170 countries around the globe under 21 different brands, but predominately under one brand.

Brand Products

nike evolution

Nike produces a wide range of sports equipment. Including shoes, shirts, and clothing for sports activities for all sports, including soccer, basketball, track and field, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, lacrosse, cricket, combat sports, and cross-training for men, women, and children …

The company teamed up with Apple Inc. To produce a Nike + product that monitors a runner’s performance via a radio in the shoe connected to an iPod nano a very well known apple product.

The Brand has produced much other sportswear such as shell suits, baseball caps, Air Jordans Shoes, Air Force 1’s, and Air Max.

nike products

The sneakers and limited-edition models were known for a regional early release as Quick strikes, and became highly desirable items for teenage members of the sneaker subculture.

It also released Nike Elite Basketball Socks as daily wear for hip-hop fans and toddlers in bright colors inspired by official basketball uniforms.

Nike’s ability to provide innovative products that closely track environmental concerns and the needs of its customers has established Nike as the world’s leading designer, marketer, and distributor of sports performance products.

The Famous brand introduced a premium line, which focused more on streetwear than sports wear, called Nike Lab.

She continued to develop her products and launched a plus-size clothing line featuring new sizes from 1X to 3X on more than 200 products in 2017. Then she refreshed the classic basketball shoe and produced Chuck Taylor All-Star Modern.

The Huge Net Worth of Nike

Nike has a large range of shoes for different sports and different needs. Nike sells about 28 million pairs of shoes per year, and this does not include the high-priced ones that are not included in the numbers that are presented.

The Main Brand also has many sub-brands such as Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike Basketball and Converse that sell their own products.

Nike HQ

And That leads the company to a huge success and massive net worth of $197.96 Billion. This is due to the increase in shoe sales in 2020, which accounted for 24 Billion and 17.36 billion dollars in 2021 of its revenues.

Most of the company’s sales are outside the United States, and it accounts for about 59% of Nick’s sales.

More over, Nike isn’t just about selling shoes in stores but also online, which did lead the company to spend $3.75 billion in marketing and advertising in 2019 alone to improve visibility and reach.

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All this increases the value of the company “Nike” and makes it among the leading companies in the field of clothing and sports equipment in the world, which leads to an increase in its net worth.


It was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964. They created it from scratch after meeting at the University of Oregon when Bill was coaching track and field.

The company has always been known for its focus on the athlete, and has since expanded their goal to serve all those with a lifestyle of physical activity.

Nike’s mission statement is to be a force for good, not just in sport, but across society. They have been leading the industry in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for more than 50 years. 

Nike has a worldwide presence in over 160 countries around the world and is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

Due To The Increase in sales every Year, this brand got a net worth of $197.96 Billion


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