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The Equalizer 3 Release Date

Denzel Washington is coming back to bust some evil guy, so John Wick best watch out.
Prepare for a hefty dose of combat! In the third movie of the Equalizer trilogy, Denzel Washington will reprise his role as vigilante Robert McCall.

About The Sequel

In the third episode of the Equalizer action series, Denzel Washington, the protagonist, will return! The actor stated the facts on Collider’s microphone. The artist, like Liam Neeson, who continues to participate in action pictures despite his 69 springs, wants to show that at the age of 67, he still has some under the pedal.

“Because Equalizer 3 was created by them, I’m trapped with it. Before I can start kicking people in the mouth again, I’ll have to get back in shape… Isn’t it wonderful?” He asserted himself.

denzel washingtonFollowing the release of Infinite on Amazon Prime Video and The Guilty on Netflix, Antoine Fuqua is presently in talks to finish his trilogy, which began in 2014. Both portions of the franchise were under the director’s control. He should be returning for the third episode, logically.

For the time being, the 55-year-old filmmaker is working on Emancipation, a feature film for Apple TV+ starring Will Smith. His next project will undoubtedly be The Equalizer 3. To refresh your memory, the series follows Robert McCall, a former super secret agent who continues to fight for the rights of the exploited and oppressed.

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The first two episodes, which were released in 2014 and 2018, grossed approximately $400 million in total globally. In France, the film was a modest hit, garnering 1.5 million action lovers over the course of two films. Will McCall venture outside the United States in the third installment of the franchise? It’s an idea that occurred to Antoine Fuqua.

“There is, definitely, a European excursion in my plans. That’s what I’d like to see in the future in Europe. With God’s help, “, he stated in 2018 for Collider. Denzel Washington’s vigilante would therefore follow in the footsteps of a certain John Wick, who will visit France and Germany in the fourth installment, set for release in 2023.

denzel washington

Meanwhile, Denzel Washington may be seen in The Tragedy of Macbeth, which has been accessible on Apple TV+ since January 14th.

Will there be a Sequel ?

There’s something undeniably appealing about middle-aged actors returning to their action roots. More former secret operatives have been pressed back into service, putting their years of experience to good use. While the James Bonds and Jason Bourne of the world have always relished their time as secret agents, I see Liam Neeson as leading a movement to bring retired spies back to life.

Activity that is highly enticing They frequently arrive with legendary status, “exceptional workmanship,” and an unrivaled reputation in the area from which they departed. Even yet, there’s always some idiot who can ruffle enough feathers to pull them out of retirement and back into duty, which is excellent for us. Not at all.

‘Taken,’ ‘John Wick,’ and then ‘The Equalizer,’ starring Denzel Washington. Retired secret agents, in my opinion, immortalized and, more significantly, made them exceedingly cool. While the first two have completed their trilogies, Robert McCall, based on what we know, may be close to finishing his.

Following the popularity of ‘The Equalizer 2,’ there were rumors about a third, but they were few and far between. Continue reading to learn what we presently know about a third Equalizer film in the works.

The Equalizer 3, The Sequel

the equalizer

The initial hints for a third Equalizer film came from the previous two films’ box office success, with each film generating roughly $190 million on a third of the budget. However, it is one of those franchises where there are many other forces at play outside merely business, the first of which is its eponymous star, Denzel Washington.

‘The Equalizer 2’ is the only sequel he’s done in his long and successful career, and any intentions Sony could have for a threequel would be entirely contingent on the star of this action series.

This is exactly what director Antoine Fuqua had to say regarding a third film, indicating that while he would be interested in moving through with it, it would be Washington’s involvement that would make it happen, saying, “Yeah, certainly.”

That is something I would want to see happen. I mean, the people have spoken, so let’s hope they keep doing well in their life. Sony talked about it again and over. It would be wonderful to start all over again.

“It would be fantastic to do it with Denzel again. If that happens, I’m looking forward to The Equalizer 3. I’d love for this to be a global event; Denzel would make an incredible James Bond type figure. [Denzel and I] discuss a wide range of topics. I have ideas about things I’d like him to do and parts I’d like him to play. That’s how it usually goes with him. ‘I see myself as a cowboy or whatever, and then I have to portray it.”

Hopefully, a third Equalizer picture won’t take as much pitching to get off the ground, since Washington has already stated that he enjoyed making the (again) duology. Overall, while a third Equalizer picture appears to be a big hit in the box office, with much of the cast and crew from the previous two films on board, we may still have to wait for formal confirmation.

The Casting, Who might be there?

denzel washington

If it wasn’t evident from the preceding paragraph, Denzel Washington is absolutely necessary for a third film to be made in the first place, thus it goes without saying that he would star in one. Miles Whittaker (Ashton Sanders), Sam Rubinstein (Orson Bean), and Brian Plummer (Bill Pullman) are all expected to return.

The Team, Who might be behind?

the equalizer 3

Given director Antoine Fuqua has indicated interest in returning for a third installment, Sony’s best chance would be to bring him on board to secure the film’s success. He’s also worked frequently with Denzel Washington, and it’s clear that the two enjoy working together, as evidenced by a number of their films together, including “Training Day,” for which Washington won the Academy Award for Best Actor, “The Magnificent Seven,” and, of course, the two Equalizer films. Richard Wenk, the franchise’s writer, has indicated interest in writing another Equalizer film.

The Premiere, The date

the equalizer 3 release date

The first two Equalizer films were four years apart, and while there’s no official news yet, I’d guess that if Sony doesn’t close the book on this (which seems unlikely), a 2022 release date appears to be on the cards.

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