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What is Zach Hsieh Net Worth as of 2021 ?

Among the best YouTubers of the world we have ZHC, his real name is Zach Hsieh, a British artist, who is a due to his popular YouTube channel has succeeded in accumulating a net worth of approximately $2 million.

ZHC is the founder of Art Alliance, an area where pro artistes met up, share ideas, and try to expand their pieces of arts to the whole world. He is an artist who usually state that his content is a pure, unique jewel.

The zhc’s channel has over 21 million subscribers as of 2021 and has accumulated over 1 Billion views as of now.

Early Life :

What is Zach Hsieh (ZHC) net worth as of 2021 ?

Zachary Hsieh is a 22-year-old American YouTuber and a comic book artist who was born and raised in California, Specifically San Jose. With Michelle Chin as his girlfriend, who is often featured in his YouTube videos. They made many videos and challenges together.

ZHC’s father and mother names are not known. He has siblings as well.

Many sources claim that he spent his childhood with two sisters, including an elder sibling named Faith Hsieh.

ZHC Net Worth as of 2021


ZHC net worth is unknown, we made a little of calculations to make a prediction of $11.67 million.

Our prediction only uses one income stream, however. ZHC net worth may be higher than $11.67 million. When we consider more than one source of income, ZHC net worth can reach till $16.34 million.

Zach Hsieh aka ZHC started his YouTube channel on August the 6th, 2013, and put his first video on December 13, 2016.

His previous content focused on art tutorials and how-to tutorial videos, including drawing characters in a comic book style.


Zach Hsieh Career


ZHC, started his YouTube channel in August 2013 at a very young age and made his first video in late 2016.

He is also the founder of the Art Alliance, an area where pro artistes met up, share ideas, and try to expand their pieces of arts to the whole world.

On his Instagram account, he has around 2.8M followers with 949 posts.

In May 2018 he reached his first 20k Subscribers on youtube and that was his glow uptime further that year in July Zach YouTube Channel went up to 50K subs in 2 months.

In May 2019 He was Added to the One Million YouTubers list. Breaking the records.

In the end of the same year, his channel went up to 5 Million subscribers with his hard work by providing entertaining and artistic videos to world

Succeeding to be chosen by YouTube as the second season host of his own art version show of Instant influencer.


Zachary expressed his excitement over the hosting gig, and he said, “I am super excited to host Season 2 of ‘Instant Influencer’. I’m so grateful for this huge opportunity given to me by YouTube to pay it forward to other up-coming artists. I can’t wait to show everyone our first YouTube originals show!.”

He always has the quote of  “I want to make the world a happier place”. Furthermore, he likes to Make Expensive Giveaways to his subscribers.

He surprised not just his fans but also famous TikTok Creators and YouTubers in the globe like when he made a surprise for Charli D’Amelio with 20 custom iPhones, he customized a Mr.Beast Tesla and went over to surprise him.

Surprised the members of the humble house with custom iPhones, Gave Addison Rae her Dream Car, and a lot more.

Plus, ZHC donated hundreds of thousands to charity, and over 300 phones to people in need.

Zach is known by his particular challenge videos and giveaways. Where he customizes brand-new apple products and give them to his subscribers.

Collaborating with the visual artist Leo mahalo he gave more than 100 custom iPhones to the fans as a challenge.

One of the largest art challenges that he worked on was drawing every Minecraft thumbnail to PewDiePie, “I Spent 100 Hours Drawing Every PEWDIEPIE MINECRAFT Thumbnail“.

He also made more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram. He is also Part of the humble house, where he made many art challenges with them.

Of course not forgetting the last collaboration with the famous Art Illusions Zach king.


ZHC Real Estate

Networth of ZHC

After making lots of art Videos, some of them are art challenges and some of them are insane long hours of drawing and challenger videos in cars, buses and houses too. Plus gaining from his merch, YouTube Ad revenue and sponsorship.

Zach bought his own mansion in California that worth more than $10,000,000.

He didn’t stop There, With the help of his team he customized his own house with his own dragon character.


Personal Life

ZHC Seems To not share a lot about his personal life. But his girlfriend Michelle Chin supported him since he started doing art and still backing him up and working with him as co-artist in his videos.

Not forgetting his Asian parents that still unknown but what we know is His ancestors are from China.

More over, He hasn’t disclosed information about his educational background.

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