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The 2022 Video Games Release Dates

Video games are becoming more and more popular with the rise of online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. And the 2022 video games release dates are promising some titles that fans are already pulling the trigger to put their hands on.

The video game industry is always evolving. As a result, it has been changing the release date of games. This year, we have seen the release date of games being pushed back from the earlier fall to later in the year.

We cannot predict what will happen with games in the future. However, we can see that there are more and more video games being developed and released every year.

The best video games release date list is an interesting compilation of upcoming games titles that will be released in 2022.

So, with No more Ado, This is a list of the best 2022 video games release dates that you have to know.

1. The Waylanders

The Waylanders

The Waylanders is a video game that is set in the future. It is an RPG game with a strong focus on storytelling and character development.

The Waylanders is a futuristic video game that combines different genres of games with real-time strategy and turn-based combat. It has an engaging story, beautiful visuals, and immersive sound effects.

  • Release date: February 2
  • Platforms: PC
  • Developed by: Gato Studio

2. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

In the first Dying Light game, players were able to experience a zombie-infested city. In this sequel, the developers are aiming to keep the same experience but change it up with new gameplay mechanics and a new setting.

The game will be set in a world where humans have been wiped out by a virus and zombies are now the dominant species. Players will not only battle zombies but also other human survivors, who are just as dangerous as zombies.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is set in a city in Arizona where there are no zombies or nightmarish monsters.

  • Release date: February 4
  • Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X & S, PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Developed by: Techland

3. Sifu


Sifu is among the most awaited 2022 video games release that will be available in the next month. The game is set in a world where martial arts are more popular than ever.

Players can choose from six different martial arts and fight as one of the many characters from the story. It also has a large variety of weapons and fighting styles to select from during gameplay.

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