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What is the net worth og G-Dragon in 2021 ?

G-Dragon inspired BTS, popularized rap in Korea, and collaborated with artists such as Diplo and Missy Elliott when K-pop was still relatively unknown.

All of the records are held by G-Dragon. He is the frontman of the famed boy band Big Bang, but he is also a prodigy who first walked the stage at the age of six and began rapping at the age of thirteen. Finally, in 2012, he was the first Korean artist to reach number one on the “Billboard World Album Chart,” a feat unheard of at the time. G-Dragon is unquestionably the uncontested king of K-pop.

Age 34
Birth Date August 18, 1988
Country South Korea
Profession Rapper, Producer, Professional Singer and SongWriter
Net Worth $40 Million Dollars

He has done so much that each year of his long career is deserving of special attention. We encourage you to learn more about the famous G-Dragon, K-most pop’s influential and avant-garde artist. So, keep scrolling down for some more !

Early Life


His real name is Kwon Ji-yong ( 권지용), he was born on August 18, 1988 in Seoul, and in a country like South Korea, where the number 8 is associated with good fortune, this date of birth foreshadowed a bright future for this little child. This number 8 will become one of G-symbols, Dragon’s and the latter will continue to brag about it in his texts and interviews, with varying degrees of sarcasm.

Kwon Young-Hwan is G-father, Dragon’s while Han Gi-ran is his mother. GD is the family’s youngest member. GD is the younger of his two sisters, Kwon Dami and GD. GD majored in Leisure Sports Studies and studied postmodern music at Kyung University.

Kwon Dami, GD’s sister, is married to actor Kim Min-Joon. She is also the mother of a child. She owns the fashion business Rare Market, and he occasionally models for her.

G-Dragon was born in the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Dragon. He has a close relationship with his parents, and his father recently stated in an interview that he is proud of his son. Mothers who wanted a son like GD gave him the nickname “Mom’s Best Son.”

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Ji Yong had a natural talent for singing since he was a child. He initially entered the stage with Little Roo’Ra, the precocious counterpart of Kids United, when he was just six years old. Unfortunately, after an album, his contract with his label expires, and the young lad abandons his dream of becoming a musician. SM Entertainment first saw Ji Yong when he was eight years old (the current label of SuperM and NCT).

As a result, he became a trainee (aspiring artist) at SM and began taking dancing training. But, after hearing the Wu-Tang Clan, he discovered hip-hop, and his label’s aesthetic direction, which was very pop-oriented, no longer suited him. So, at the age of 13, Ji Yong made one of the most critical decisions of his life: he left SM to join YG Entertainment, a label that featured a lot of rappers at the time.

Yang Hyun-Suk, now a retired musician and former CEO of YG, will talk about how surprised he was by G-talent. Dragon’s For a child of this age, the latter’s knack for rap, his ability to craft lyrics, and especially his stage presence are outstanding. G-Dragon began to perform with his label’s elders at this point, and he became one of South Korea’s youngest rappers.

Hip-hop is reaching its pinnacle in Korea right now, with rappers aplenty. However, in the early 2000s, the genre was still battling to find an audience in the United States, so it’s astonishing that a 13-year-old boy could have such a strong desire for rap. As a result, G-Dragon is a true pioneer in this field.

A tumultuous start with Big Bang 


In addition to his activities as a rapper, the young Ji Yong continues singing and dancing, as a trainee under YG Entertainment. At this time, the label sensed that idol groups were on the rise and decided to form their own K-pop group. This is how G-Dragon joined Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri, and thus became the leader of a quintet called Big Bang, which marked his official debut in 2006.

If the group was well received from its first stages, the explosive success came in 2007, with the release of an EP called Always. The disc contains “Lies”, a track written by G-Dragon himself. Usually Korean idols don’t compose their songs, rather the label imposes them on them. But G-Dragon is the exception to the rule, once again showing his willingness to impose his musical touch. “Lies” quickly became a real national hit.

Big Bang then became one of the most popular groups in Korea, at a time when the competition between K-pop artists was really starting to get tough. The quintet continues its momentum, stringing together hit albums and delivering hits that have now all become Korean pop classics, such as “Last Farewell”/ “마지막인사” (2007) and “Day by Day” / “Haru Haru” (2008).

At this time, Big Bang continued to draw inspiration from hip-hop and R’n’B, although pop and electro slowly began to infuse his tracks. A specificity that stands out in the Korean musical landscape of the time. In retrospect, it can be said that the members of Big Bang were among the first to popularize the codes and aesthetics of hip-hop in Korea and among a wide audience.

G-Dragon goes solo


G-Dragon’s career took a new turn in 2009, when he established himself as the king of K-pop, with Big Bang already at the top. That year, the young rapper released Heartbreaker, his first solo album, which was preceded by the single of the same name. The album is a smash hit, with over 300,000 copies sold, an incredible feat in a country where groups are more popular than individual performers. The song “Heartbreaker” becomes a craze unheard of in Korea.

Whoever discovered the song today would surely be put off by G-Dragon’s voice, overly self-tuned. While “Heartbreaker” smacks of the 2000s and may not be the rapper’s most aged track, the sounds he explores are groundbreaking. All the young people of the time began to imitate G-Dragon and his peculiar way of twisting syllables while rapping. This is the first time, perhaps since Seo Taiji and Boys, that a rapper has had such a huge influence in Korea.

G-Dragon became one of the country’s most important cultural icons after that (if not the most important). The youthful musician maintains his momentum, reuniting in 2010 with T.O.P, a Big Bang teammate, to form the rapper duet GD & TOP, whose album once again tops the Korean charts.

G-Dragon Conquering the world


With Alive, the first Korean album to reach the “Billboard Top 200,” the Big Bang quintet resurfaced in full force in 2012. G-Dragon then moved on to other genres like electro, pop, and even rock. The rapper’s second solo album, One of a Kind, released in 2012, exemplifies this artistic rejuvenation.

The record received a phenomenal reception, proudly ranking No. 1 on the “Billboard World Album Chart”. One of a Kind also signs G-Dragon’s new “Billboard Top 200” entry, and the album has sold over 200,000 copies, becoming Korea’s best-selling solo artist project since Heartbreaker. . With his rapped verses on electro beats or pop melodies and his choruses sung in R’n’B style, G-Dragon redefines the very codes of Korean music and allows new musical genres to emerge in his country.

g-dragon and missy eliott

If Kwon Ji Yong was already widely regarded as the king of K-pop, his coronation was made official in 2013 with the release of his third solo album, Coup d’Etat. In an interview with Complex at the time, he stated that he had grown since his first album, Heartbreaker. G-Dragon demonstrates with Coup d’État that he now takes the time to record his music, and that, while he continues to experiment with various aesthetic tracks, he is now going a little less over the top. The project also features a five-star cast, which includes Diplo and Boys Noize in production, as well as Missy Elliott in the featured role.

G-Dragon becomes a pioneer once more, thanks to his collaboration with Missy Elliott, which popularizes trap among the general public. In addition, Diplo’s single “Coup d’Etat” was named by Billboard as one of the 50 EDM songs that altered the game in 2013.

G-Dragon In the Legend

In addition to his own activities, G-Dragon remains a key figure in the Korean music scene, having written big songs for girl group 2NE1 and vocalist Taeyang, who is now a member of Big Bang. The quartet reformed in 2015 with the release of Made, their first album in three years.

big bang

Big Bang’s most successful album is likely Made. If the group continues to focus on what it does best, with songs like “Loser,” it proves once more that it never rests on its laurels with “Bae Bae,” a trap single with a hint of country. The film earned a lot of positive press and was a huge hit both in Korea and internationally.

G-Dragon took a break back after ending his tour with Big Bang around this time. While the rapper does appear on occasion to promote other artists’ work, he keeps a low profile in the media and appears to desire to fade away from the spotlight.


G-Dragon is, in fact, going through a moment of transition. The King of K-pop appears to be tired of his celebrity status and to be doubting himself. In this perplexing environment, G-Dragon opts to solve his questions with music and a book, releasing his latest album, Kwon Ji Yong, in 2017.

When it was first released, the project generated a lot of buzz. G-Dragon is particularly mysterious, not only because he does not plan the typical promotion for K-pop artists, but also because the physical edition of the project is not a CD, but rather a… USB key. An originality that has sparked some debate: Gaon Chart, a Korean music ranking system, initially refused to acknowledge Kwon Ji Yong as a legitimate album until reversing its judgment.


In terms of the project’s content, the project’s lead single is titled “Untitled, 2014” and has no title. G-Dragon makes it apparent that he intends to speak for himself by naming his album after his birth name. For good reason, Kwon Ji Yong exhibits a skin-deep sensitivity, tackling issues like loneliness and celebrity vanity with skepticism and melancholy.

G-project Dragon’s Kwon Ji Yong is the most moving of them. The rapper isn’t faking it anymore, and his music is flowing with crystal-clear fluency. We realize how GD has developed as we listen to the five tunes on the disc, and we discover a new side of the artist that we thought we knew well. Kwon Ji Yong debuted as number one in 46 countries on iTunes shortly after its release.


G-Dragon once again demonstrates that he is an artist with boundless resources, and his current album sounds like a gentle “goodbye.”

The return of The King

An artist who gave credibility to K-pop, a musician who popularized hip-hop and electro in South Korea, a personality who made an entire generation dream: So G-Dragon is all that to that time. In different interviews, he said that his greatest wish is to become an inspiration to others. He can be satisfied: today there are plenty of artists who refer to him as a model. To name just one, Jungkook from BTS still says it was G-Dragon who made him want to become a singer.

g-dragon and jungkook

The Korean music scene has shifted considerably in recent years, and few of the musicians and bands who were popular during Big Bang’s heyday have survived. G-Dragon may well provide a welcome resurgence to the Korean music scene at a time when idols have never been more numerous, and fans criticize K-pop for a lack of innovation and diversity.

It’s impossible to say everything there is to say about G-Dragon. If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that K-pop is crying out for a king, and the king has yet to show us that he won’t give up his throne.

Personal Life

Many people propagate rumors about GD due of his celebrity. He has definitely been mentionned in a number of scandals with female celebrities from South Korea and internationally.

G-Dragon Girlfriend

It has been confirmed that G Dragon’s last girlfriend was Jennie (Blackpink). Dispatch has revealed that Jennie and G Dragon were dating, despite YG Entertainment saying they would not disclose anything regarding the artist’s personal life.

G Dragon’s three official girlfriends have only been revealed by Dispatch so far: Kiko, Lee Joo Yeon, and Jennie. However, the number of his purported girlfriends is significantly higher.

The net worth of G-Dragon as of 2021

the net worth of G-Dragon

The net worth of G-dragon as of 2021 is of $40 Million Dollars

As a gift to his family, G-Dragon built a pension hotel in 2012; fans can now stay at the hotel, which is being maintained as a company by his parents. G-Dragon officially inaugurated his first cafe on Jeju Island, called “Monsant Cafe,” on October 20, 2015. In September 2015, Hyukoh, a South Korean indie band, was the first to perform at the café.

G-second Dragon’s cafe, “Untitled, 2017,” was inspired by the title of his most recent single and launched in 2017. It also had a bowling alley and a bar, both of which he created. It’s part of the YG Republique building complex, which also includes the YG Town of Jeju Shinhwa World resort, for which he’s an ambassador.

Endorsments and other activities

  • G-Dragon and Big Bang are the highest-paid Korean celebrities in terms of sponsorships, with a price of $1–1.5 million Dollars per endorsement in 2011.
  • He became the face of Airbnb in the Asian region in August 2015.

  • G-Dragon began supporting Shinsegae, South Korea’s largest retailer, in 2016, and his merchandise was said to account for almost 49 percent of sales in the YG store.

  • In 2017, G-Dragon supported Vidal Sassoon in China, as well as joining Nike’s Air Max Day global promotion and endorsing the Vapormax shoe, which caused immediate sell-outs in South Korean online stores.

  • In the same year, he was named the official ambassador of Jeju Shinhwa World, a premium resort on Jeju Island. G-Dragon was named the brand ambassador of Jeju Shinhwa World, the island’s first premium resort complex, in 2017. G-Dragon was involved in the conceptualization, design, and planning of the resort complex’s idea.

G-Dragon is also known as a fashion icon, a field in which he has many personal projects of which he’s net worth is estimated the highest.

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